Social Etiquette, Grooming and Interview Workshop for Secondary Schools (WE are MOE-Approved Vendor too!)

Objectives of Programme

– Students will develop self-confidence by practicing behaviours and social protocol necessary to interact successfully with others.

– Students will establish the right image with proper body postures and poise.

– Students will be able to enhance their first impression and visual effectiveness in the way they look.


Outcome of the programme

Students should be able to

1) Understand the importance of deportment and visual poise.

2) Importance of daily personal hygiene and professional grooming.

3) Conduct themselves in a formal setting for continental style of dining, and how to dine correctly and elegantly in a fine dining situation.


Enrichment programme outline include:

1) Social etiquette

2) Image and Deportment

3) Body/ Skin care, personal hygiene

4) Handshaking with all ages and body gestures

5) Interview Skills

6) Dining Etiquette (theory)

All training materials are provided.


Any queries, please look for Julia at mobile no. 9688 1798 or email:


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