Q. What is a Style Coach™?

A Style Coach™ is a licensed professional who has been trained in a combination of professional styling, coaching, colour analysis, personal branding and personal grooming skills. As a licensed Style Coach™, he or she is the bearer of a diploma qualification from the Style Coaching Institute®.

Q. Why the name Style ‘Coach™’ & what’s different about Style Coaching™?

A Style Coach™ differs from a traditional ‘Image Consultant’ or ‘Personal Stylist’ in many ways. The most important difference is that a Style Coach™ has been trained in professional Life Coaching skills, so not only are they qualified to help people improve their outer appearance, they are also qualified to help people to improve their internal self-image too (think: confidence and self-esteem coaching, goal setting, challenging self-limiting beliefs, identifying values, rapport building, listening skills, etc!)

Style Coaching™ offers the perfect ‘looking good & feeling great’ package, and elevates traditional Image Consultancy and Life Coaching to a brand new level! Style Coaching™ is unlike any other personal styling specialisation, which can often result in short-lived makeovers. The Style Coaching™ process offers long-term, life-altering results inside and out… not just a quick fix ‘makeover’!

Q. What kind of person does a Style Coach™ work with?

Style Coaches™ work with people from all walks of life and Style Coaching™ is designed for both men and women equally. Style Coaching™ is not a service that only celebrities or public figures can avail of; Style Coaching™ is designed for absolutely everybody regardless of age, gender, or background!