Individual / Group online courses on Attraction Marketing

Many of you ask me how I did social selling on Facebook.

I have decided to come up with a course on how to promote yourself on Facebook :

This course is created for network marketers, entrepreneurs, coaches or trainers. You don’t need alot of followers but just gain 1000 followers to gain leads and gain sales.

I created this course so that you can blow up your profile on Facebook. You need to make sure your profile actually shows up when customers and prospects are looking for expertise in your industry, so they start to recognize you as a leader—and a valuable contact—in your field.

Remember the point of social selling is to build relationships. The goal is to make yourself seem more human and approachable. So Show up. Engage. Be Present and be yourself on your social media.

You must make sure to optimize your social media profiles across all networks to maximize the impact of your social selling strategy. Look at your profiles from a prospect or customer’s point of view. Do they present you as a credible professional who has valuable insights relevant to your market? If not, do some changes to ensure your profiles present you in the best possible light—and have a consistent tone and message across all networks.

Highlights for this module
Social selling modules

  • How to create social media contents to generate leads, followers, gain video views on Facebook
  • Social Selling – how to soft sell on Facebook
  • Content ideas to generate leads, followers, gain video views – you can use for Facebook LIVE, Facebook posts and Instagram stories
  • More content ideas for coaches/ trainers
  • Motivational posts ideas
  • How to be confident on videos
  • how to find the right hashtags for fb
  • scripts for social selling

Course per pax : $359 (Usual Price $999) (applicable to use for Facebook & Instagram). Min 5 paxs to start.

You will be group coach by Julia for one month.
*particpants must be open minded and willing to change and improve themselves and willing to open to criticism. No negative Nellie allowed in our group.
It will be on ZOOM training.
Date : 11 Sep or 18 Sep Time – 2pm to 4pm
Each Duration 1 to 2 hours
Register by 1 Sep.

Payment upon confirmation.

All abt Julia Shantal

– used to be with big multinational fashion & beauty companies

– 15 years in fashion and beauty industries

– 11 years as an entrepreneur

– got recognised by YouTube and her channel got monetise

– Facebook followers closed to 5k followers in total- Tiktok followers 13.1k followers as of todate.

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