Do you want to learn how to create a brand name of your own?


Learn how to create a brand name of your own.  Whether you realised it or not, all of us are a brand name of our own.  We will teach you how to create your own unique selling point.  Can you state what are you representing yourself as a brand?  Even models like Karlie Klaus or Cara Delevinge are inspiring fashion house designers to produce a bag and naming their bags after them too!  What is your presentation style?  Are you Google-ready?  How willing are you to change and adapt?

Dedicated to those who want to learn how to excel and to stand out among your competitors!

Highlight of the course:

  1. Creating positive first impressions
  2. Visual poise and posture
  3. Understanding your Personality Style
  4. Colour psychology
  5. Personal color analysis
  6. Image destroyers for men and women
  7. Body Shape Analysis

WHOM should attend?

Sales and Marketing Personnel, Entrepreneurs, anybody who wants to build a Personality and Brand for themselves. Newly graduated students, etc.

Interested parties, please fill up the contact form and with min. 5 students we will start a class just for you.  More infos will be send to you soon!