Basic Steps to having good essential skin!

Daily Products to use (basic ones)

Step 1 : Cleanse

Step 2: Exfoliate

Step 3 : Tone

Step 4: Moisturiser

Step 5: Sunscreen

Makeup regime:

Step 6: Foundation Primer

Step 7: Concealer/Highlighter/ Mineral Powder Foundation (set the base)

Step 8: Eye Brows

Step 9: Eye Primer/ Eye Shadow/ Eye Liner/ Mascara

Step 10: Cheeks/ B lusher

Step 11: Lip balm/ Lip liner/ Lipstick/ Lipgloss

Step 12: Final touchups

Instructions to use for Mary Kay Products (for a healthy balanced skin & looking great at the same time!)

Eye Spa (to do it twice a week)

– Eye Revitaliser (Roll 3 times upper and lower eye lids) – to reduce dark circles

– Eye Gel (to reduce puffiness)

– Eye firming Cream (One pump for both eyes) To firm up eye lids & minimise fine lines and wrinkles)

Daily use – Use Eye Revitaliser & Firming Eye Cream (Day and night) if you did not get the eye gel.

Mask (To exfoliate twice a week)

– Botanical mask can be used as scrub too

– To put thick layers of mask onto face for 15 mins and then wet fingers and face and then to scrub upwards motion to get rid of dead layers, blackheads and to do firming and minimise pores

LipSpa (Twice a week)

– Use lipmask and apply thickly for 1 to 2mins.

– Wet fingers and exfoliate lips then wipe away lipmask with wet cotton pads

– Then apply lipbalm (at any time)