We are at Singapore Poly today! 



Looking for part time makeup trainers! 

Looking for part time beauty trainers especially if you are young (18 years old and above) and you have no mortgages , pm me to join me :)at 9688 1798.

Read wisdom from Jim Rohn on network marketing : 
“When you’re in network marketing, you have to understand that philosophy. You have to understand that the job is slow and steady, not a lot of growth, but then there’s a lot of downside if you’re good at what you do and you’re cruising right along and you keep that job. You always make that X amount of money, but you’re “not going to get huge raises, and all of a sudden, you’re going to get rich doing the same job you were doing. With network marketing, you can start part-time and let it grow. You stay with your job long enough to let the part-time, the network marketing, grow to the point where it replaces and then surpasses.

“You work full-time on your job, part-time on your fortune.” It’s a beautiful philosophy and it gives you a lot of freedom. Now, if you’re a young kid, you don’t have a mortgage, you’re not married, you don’t have kids, and you can live in your parents’ basement for a while, you can work full-time on your fortune. That’s even better, but for most who are looking for a little bit of extra money, they need to understand and embrace that philosophy. Eventually, the fortune grows and you can work full-time on your fortune.”