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Do you know why Celebs look good in magazines or on TV?

ImageHere’s their secrets, my secret too!  To looking fresh and radiant always!

Must-Have Primers! Lash Protector Primer – protects the eyelash with vitamins, transparent fluid which lengthens the eyelash making your mascara-ed eyelash VA-VaVooM! Obvious Eyeshadow Primer – Applying light coloured or dark coloured eyeshadow has NeVer been Easier! Just 1 glide n Smize~! Flawless Foundation Primer – Apply it underneath ur foundation or powder for a smooth n flawless finish.. The translucent gel like is oil n fragrant free.. Ur polish look will last d whole day~! Whitening foundation Primer – for those who wants to look brighter and luminously flawless, this is for you. Similar to d foundation primer, it keeps ur face sooooo sweet n glowing~~

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