Style and Beauty Experts Train the Trainer’s Class Academy




Course Content: Practical & Theoretical
Business and Career planning. Portfolio Work: Live model / PRO Pictures.

This course is designed for a complete beginner to intermediate learner who is keen to embark on a career in Make up/ Styling industry.

The classes will be divided in theoretical & Practical .

We also give you a business set up section to be ready to open your own business. This training will give you the confidence and knowledge to start building your professional portfolio.

Career option following this course : You can be a Make up Artist and Makeup Trainer

During the course we cover :

You will learn the following

Spa facial

1) Skin analysis

2) Skincare analysis

3) Skintone analysis

4) Learn how to achieve radiant, and luminous skin

5) Learn how to achieve Korean pinkish lips

6) Learn how to do Eye Spa

7) Learn how to do Gua Sha massage techniques

8) Learn how to fight fine lines and refine pores within 2 mins.



1) Learn how to prime your makeup make it long lasting upto 16 hours

2) Learn how to color correct your skintone within 5 mins

3) Learn how to draw eyebrows

4) Learn how to shape eyebrows (pls bring own tools ie: Shaver and plucking device)

5) Learn how to draw eyeshadows (How to match eye colours)

6) Learn how to draw eyeliners suitable for your eyeshape

7) Learn how to highlight and contour

8) Learn how to do day to night makeup

9) Learn how to do party makeup

10) Learn how to do bridal makeup

11) Learn how to do makeup for Caucasian skin & Asian Skin & women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond


Image & Confidence

1) learn color analysis

2) Learn how to do styling for your body

3) Learn how to have confidence

4) Learn how to do public speaking

5) Learn how to be sophisticated, and with good social and dining etiquette.


All of our programs run from Monday to Friday with min 4 pax and we can start the trainers’ class.
Hours are between 10:00 am and 4:30 pm. (Subject to change)
there is an evening option from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (3 day per week)
Maximum class size: 4 to 10 students

Approx. $400 for school fees & makeup materials are included. For notes material it will be additional $20 for learning materials – Styling materials.

Women who have come of Age Beautifully Workshop on 3 May 230pm

Women who have come of Age Beautifully Workshop on 3 May 230pm

Ladies you will get to learn how to achieve younger, radiant skin and learn how to do your own makeup for women in their thirties, forties, fifties and beyond! Pm me for classes, min 3 paxs to start! Venue : International Plaza, #13-08. Pls call me at 9688 1798 to book your seats!

Details of the workshop:

Learn how to

1) Spa facial yourself

2) Face lifting massage using Gua Sha method

3) Eye lifting massage using Gua Sha method (also able to reduce dark eye circles, eye bags, and firming of eyes)

4) Prime your skin for makeup

5) Color correct your skintone and achieving flawless and radiant skin instantly within 5 mins!

6) Combat beauty issues like Dull, Sallow-looking skin, brown spots, ruddy skin and rosacea skin, uneven skintone and texture.

7) Learn how to draw your brows (combat beauty issues like Sparse Brows, overplucking and perhaps due to illness)

8) Makeup tips for eyeglasses wearers

9) Learn how to colour your lips and achieve clean, smooth lips

10) Create makeup palette for every hair color (Trainers only)

11) Dress for your Style and Your Body ($20 for customers on 29 May 2014 styling workshop)

12) The Real Fountain of Youth – Eat Well and Break a Sweat! – Another day of workshop ($20 for customers on Fountain of food workshop)

13) Head to Toe makeover – at special rate or if customers spend $300 and above on our beauty products, it will be free 2 hours head to toe makeover consultation for them.

Customers please bring own gua sha bone or porcelain soup spoon for this workshop.