Nude makeup workshop! Thank you for attending!






Learn different makeup looks here!

In Style and Beauty Experts, we loved to create different looks for each day and each special occasion!

Come book an appointment with us to learn the following makeup trends :
1) Emerald Jewel Jade look
2) Smokey Bronx look
3) Simple eye makeup to use with the latest bright coral or fushia pink lips
4) Party with Black and Gold makeup look





Style and Beauty Experts Apprenticeship Course

Style and Beauty Experts Apprenticeship Course

Do you want to be a Stylist cum Beauty Trainer or to be your own boss?  Do you want to work from home or be a mobile Beauty Trainer?

If you are always interested in fashion and beauty industry, but have no idea how to start?  This will be a great choice to participate!

For just $750 of your investment  – you will learn how to do the following:

1) We will teach you how to setup your own webpage and facebook page.

2) You will learn 3 types of makeup – Day/ Smokey Eyes (with fake lashes application) / Bridal makeup

3) We will teach you how to create your  own portfolio

4) We will teach you how to find customers

5) You will get a Completion of Cert once you have attended

6) We will teach you how to teach your customers to have healthy balanced skin, how to reduce dark eye circles and puffiness and also how to achieve baby smooth skin in just 2 mins time!  We will also teach you how to do eye massage and microdermabrasion so that you can teach your customers also.  There will be ongoing FREE trainings.

7) We will teach you how to do Time Management/ Business Inventory/ Money Management

8) You should be able to earn $50 to $300 an hour after you have complete your course within 3 months.   It will be at your own free time.

9) We will teach you color analysis, body shape analysis and also do a complete makeover of your image.

10) You will complete this course with a New You!

Materials will be included (worth approximate $1,000):

1) Cleanser, Makeup remover, Mask, Moisturiser, Sunblock

2) Foundation Primer, Concealer, Powder, 2 liquid foundations

3) 3 mirrors, receipts & invoice

4) Lipspa & Finishing Spray

5) 3 Eyeshadows, blush, 1 brush set

6) 1 lipstick & lipgloss

7) 1 box of fake lashes.

Any queries with regards to this course, please call us at 9688 1798 or email:

Job Ad – We are constantly expanding!

We are looking for part time or full time beauty trainers who like to strive for their own success and best of all, be your own boss!   We will teach you everything you need to do this business, you will be under my wings for 3 mths! I will teach you to be beautiful, confident, resourceful and be packed with leadership skills!   Interested parties, please call me at 9688 1798 or email :!

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