So excited with Mary Kay highlighting and contouring powders!

Just received my fave Mary Kay highlighting and contouring powders! Can be used as eyeshadows and blushers too! Multi purpose usage. Look at below color swatches on my wrist!

I will be teaching this Friday 22 Feb and 1 Mar at 7pm on how to use the products and achieve natural glowing skin! RSVP with us at 96881798! This workshop is complimentary !




2 thoughts

  1. Hi how did you find out abt us? When are u free to meet? You can set up a class with ur friends with min 3 pax we can start a class 😉 . Free for u!

  2. Hi I hv a makeup class on 4 Apr 7pm, u can bring friends ! It’s free just for u! Pls let me know, call me 96881798

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